Finding the Best Child Custody Attorney in Dallas

Finding the best Child Custody Attorney in Dallas is essential to ensuring that your children’s well-being is protected during divorce or legal separation. Whether you are trying to establish a custody arrangement for the first time, seeking a modification of an existing custody order, or need to enforce your rights against your ex-spouse, a knowledgeable Dallas custody lawyer can provide you with assistance and guidance.

Texas family law judges are required to make a decision in every custody case based on the “best interests of the child.” This means that there are many factors that may impact the final outcome of your case. A experienced Dallas custody attorney can help ensure that your position is heard by the court and is presented in a manner that maximizes your chances of obtaining the results you are hoping for.

Generally speaking, the presumption is that both parents should, and will, play an active role in their children’s lives. This is why joint custody, also known as conservatorship, is typically awarded in divorce cases. However, a judge can award sole custody to either parent or a third party in certain situations where the other parent is unfit, has a history of domestic violence, drug abuse, criminal charges, lack of visitation, or failure to pay court-ordered child support.

Child custody disputes are often incredibly emotionally taxing due to the involvement of your most cherished individuals – your children. Consequently, our compassionate child custody lawyers understand the profound significance involved in these situations and are fully prepared to help you navigate through them.

The Law Firm of Roland Barbosa is a family law practice that is focused on providing excellent service to families in the Dallas area. The firm offers legal services for a wide range of matters, including divorces, child custody and support, pre-marital and post-marital agreements, and adoptions. The firm is led by Dallas family law attorney Roland Barbosa, who graduated from Baylor University and has over a decade of experience in the field.

Kamuche Law Firm, P.L.L.C., is a multi-practice law firm that serves clients in Dallas and surrounding areas of Texas with a focus on divorce, custody, and property division. The firm handles both complex property and high-asset divorce cases, as well as issues related to paternity, child custody, and child support. Its lead attorney, Tiffany Kamuche, has been practicing law for more than a decade and is a member of the State Bar of Texas, Family Law Section. She has handled hundreds of family law cases, including child custody and visitation disputes. She is also a certified family mediator and has extensive trial experience. The firm is located in Dallas and offers free consultations to clients.

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